Zestél Gum Portfolio


First post for the Zestél Gum social media  launch campaign.

Last post for the Zestél Gum social media launch campaign

Last post for the Zestél Gum social media launch campaign


Launch week video for Instagram and Facebook.


On Q Events and PR supplied images of the launch at New Zealand Fashion Week .


Short video designed to reinforce fun and youth. Posted week of University commencement.


the brief

I was approached by the marketing and public relations company On Q Events & PR representing Zestél Energy Gum to design and execute the social media campaign for the launch of the Zestél Gum. This was a new product and concept  to be launched in New Zealand, with plans of release in Australia some time in the future. 

The product message 'feeling good is everything' was to form the foundation around which the campaign was to be built. The social media was to inspire, and motivate the audience - live life to it's fullest and get the most out of the day. The target audience was aged between 18-35 years, young energetic, life loving people. Active, sporty, adventurous, deep need for connectedness, outdoorsy.  Young urban people, hard workers, devoted family people juggling kids, work and a busy social life.

The budget for the campaign was limited. It was important to maximise resources and be as creative as possible, whilst not loosing the 'cool' edge.