What web hunter did

Marlo Spa approached Web Hunter for a fresh new look website and the opportunity to sell EGift Cards online. It was essential to keep the Auyverdic look and feel of the spa but also to energise the webspace to mirror the forward motion of this thriving business. 

The clean white background and black highlights reinforce the brand. The images were thoughtfully edited, refined and updated to reflect the constant and evolving additions to the treatments available within the spa. The products page was laid out to clearly showcase the high-end products used within the salon and purchasable. Each modality was given its own page.

Whilst a cleaner feel was the direction agreed upon, it was important for the website to be gentle, peaceful and welcoming to both women and men. The use of video on the home page brings movement and life whilst delivering a message to the end user - they too will bloom, open up and become brighter after visiting Marlo Spa!

An 'Our Team' page was added to introduce the staff, their expertise and experience. This page is essential in the process of building relationships and trust within the health care |beauty industry. 'Our Team' works to invite and reassure new and existing clients that all staff at Marlo Spa deliver the highest standards of care and service.