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what web hunter did

At Dogs Bed & Breakfast the brief was a complete rebrand - new logo, new website and online booking system and visually beautiful social channels that could be replicated by the owner after the relaunch. 

Dogs Bed & Breakfast had been purchased some years earlier andcurrent owner had remained faithful to the original brand and vision that was some 16 years old now. The owner saw the need to update with a fresh look and direction in order to continue to compete in a growing market.

In redesigning this brand it was important to keep in mind that this brand speaks to two different age demographics. The minders are generally older, perhaps retired people looking for an extra income. Whilst the clients are young families and singletons where their dogs care is premium and they are more than happy to pay to have the best level of care. This consideration influenced the look and feel but also the layout and functionality of the website.

The online booking system was a compromise between new technology and old school application - designed to be easily accessed and navigable. 

The result is a visually pleasing web site that is practical for both the business owner and the end user, and a brand that is long lasting and speaks to its audience.