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‘I believe creative ideas can change your world’


Why Web hunter?

‘Creativity forms the way I live, it is at the heart of all I do.
I am instinctively drawn to create. ‘


Kate Lowe is a mother, daughter, sister and Web Hunter. Kate spends her days in a creative headspace, she is wildly visual and has an innate sense of how things should fit together.

A passionate creative who after 20 years working for others decided to set her ideas free, and work with like minded people in heart centred industries, people striving to make a difference to our world.

Kate is a Creative thinker and  brand strategist who believes in a holistic approach to brand strategy - aligning values and vision.  Kate’s combined skills, education and attention to detail provide the framework around which she design ideas, big, small, bold, or subtle - always grounded in core values, with a unique vision and authenticity.

Kate has worked across many ‘caring’ industries including - not for profit, education, aged care, sustainable tourism, sustainable building, arts, media, design, sport, environmental and fair trade business, alternative health and wellness.

Kate Lowe - Web Hunter Creative

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